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High Paying Writing Jobs

Gone are the paper and pencil gigs for high paying writing jobs. The trend today for writing jobs that pay good money is online. The presence of entrepreneurs and marketing business has grown and these type of people look for writers who can sell their stuff or attract consumers. However, because of the growing market […]

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Writing Jobs from Home: Online

The ultimate solution for writing jobs at home is freelance writing online. The internet is the best medium to take you anywhere in the world without leaving the comfort and security of being at home. Writing jobs online does not require you to have a college degree or a degree particularly in writing. You can […]

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How to Get a Writing Job Easily

If you have a passion for writing and you want to take it to the next level by earning from your write ups, then here are a few tips on how to get a writing job for beginners. Tip 1 Cold Pitching – Basically, this is about introducing yourself out there and making you and […]

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What is a Freelance Writer?

Freelancers are becoming common nowadays; this is a term used for freelance workers who are self-employed and are ordinarily not in a long-term relationship with their employer. But this area can also depend on the type of work the freelancer has, which brings us to our main question: what is a freelance writer? A freelance […]

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