How Can Paraphrasing Help Writers Online? – Different Approaches

Paraphrasing is the way the writers put in their own words what is already said by someone else, especially in books, movies or speeches. In other words, if you are asking how can paraphrasing help writers, then here is a simple response – it helps them avoid a plagiarism offense by making them define their own ideas, the main thought of a sentence or paragraph that they want to say or to simply get a clearer meaning of the statement by simplifying it in their own perception without leaving the main idea of the phrase.

Some things for the writers to keep in mind when trying to paraphrase a reading material or a statement is to read the whole passage first, rather than to keep trying to jot down every word and converting it to their own words instantly without even understanding the whole idea of the passage. When reading it first,the writer should understand the thought, which he/she can easily convert to his own words on what the statement is trying to say without straying away from the main point.

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The next thing to keep in mind is to carefully choose what to paraphrase and when. Paraphrasing does not mean changing or converting into the writers’ own point of view of an entire passage. Whether it is literal or formal writing, some writing job requires no necessity of paraphrasing the entire reading – instead, being selective on which area to summarize and what to paraphrase is a helpful tip to give the reading material’s main point without going around the bush.

It also helps if the writer will keep his own style or way of writing when paraphrasing something. Think about how you will express that thought in your own way and say it to a person who is not familiar with the original statement and see if they would understand the same thought as the source.

If you are sharing a direct quote to the statement you are paraphrasing, there is no need to use quotation marks or change the words.

Paraphrasing Approaches

Be Sharp in Taking Notes – If you are planning to paraphrase a long reading material or a report, keep in mind not to copy all the ideas and point of the source writer. Take note of the important ideas and correlate it with your topic.

Try making abbreviated notes and then put it aside for a while. Start paraphrasing after several hours or the next day, expressing the idea in your own way so that your avid readers will continue to enjoy reading your own style of writing. Doing so, not only promotes the idea of the source, but also delivers your own understanding of the passage as well.

If you are having difficulty referring from your notes to paraphrase the idea, it may mean that you did not fully understand the text.

Do not rely steadily on the Source Article – if you have the article to be paraphrased at hand, it is important that you read twice or as many times as you like until you fully understand the idea. Formulate it in your own words and express it how you perceived it. Do not read and then paraphrase;instead read the whole article all the way, put it aside and start writing your own understanding of the topic.

For a more intermediate type of paraphrasing approach:

Use different words – If it is difficult for you to paraphrase the whole statement, try using different words by looking for synonyms of a certain word and changing it, making sure not to change the whole idea of the sentence.

You can also use phrases that express a similar implication of the thought, even though, using a different structure or reconstructing the phrase is more efficient in paraphrasing and you would find it easier to express the idea. Changing the words can also be a step for you to see how you can change the sentence structure in your own words.

Reconstructing words and phrases – Study the text. Don’t start at the first sentence, but try paraphrasing a different section in the text. Choose the area based on your writing job topic. This is easier than trying to use different words as that may end up changing the idea of the sentence. Through changing the structure, word changing becomes natural as you flow in your paraphrasing.

At some point, you will reach a stage where you can easily shorten a long sentence and construct them on your own by making two sentences. Another tip is also to merge short sentences and forming your own understanding.

In addition to that, fully understanding the text helps a lot since you can elaborate on it for a clearer definition or make the idea more concise by making short phrases. Through this stage, word changing, taking out phrases or words and other necessary changes comes naturally.

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