How to Become a Freelance Writer Online: Some Practical Tips and Advice

Through the years, the ways in which the internet is being used is something that’s slowly but steadily expanding. From what used to be a mere exchange of information, as well as an avenue for communication to ensue, the internet has now become a workplace for people and a place where they can earn money.

Having said that, apart from selling goods online, another popular way for them to do make money is to become a freelance writer online. In this article, we will help you understand the ways on how to become an online freelance writer, as well as discuss some other aspects of it.

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Just why has it become so popular?

It’s an Opportunity for Clients to Place Ads

The reason why freelance online article writing exists is simply because clients are in need of content for their site or webpage. One of the steps on how to become a freelance article writer online is writing SEO or Search Engine Optimized articles, which entail the usage of certain keywords in such a way that they would appear early on once searched in Google, thereby increasing traffic on their websites. The more people would flock to the sites, the greater chance for higher ad revenue to be earned.

It’s an Easy Way to Earn Money

On the side of the freelance writer, one of the reasons why people would want to know how to become a freelance article online is simple – it’s a job that allows you to earn money the easy way. All that you really need in order for you to be stable at this job is a stable internet connection and a laptop or a computer.

You need not to have a degree or specialization in creative and/or technical writing, and basically, all you have to possess is English proficiency and the ability to follow instructions. Nothing more, nothing less.

You can write on Just About Anything

Writers at heart would most definitely enjoy this work, simply because you often have a wide array of topics for you to choose from. While most of the topics and keywords are given, the reality is that most of the time, you would not know what you’d be writing about next, especially if you have different clients with different requirements and needs. The internet allows you to search about all these topics quickly, allowing you to write on just about whatever it is you need with ease.

You can Earn Huge Sums of Money for Such Simple Work

While it may not be the highest-paying form of job, one of the good things you can expect is that the pay which is given to you is pretty much decent, given that you really just spend all your time writing in front of your laptop. Ranges for earnings include from $1.50 to $150 per article which is dependent on the number of words.

Having more words per article may or may not correspond to a higher price. Nevertheless, spending an hour or two in front of the compute a day allows you to earn huge sums, and the same rate compared to other more tiring jobs.

How to Become a Freelance Writer Online

Learn the Importance of SEO Writing

Freelance article writing thrives on SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Usually, the client simply assigns you to write an article with the use of a single keyword. This keyword, depending on the number of words there are in the article, has to be repeated a certain number of times in order for it to be “Search Engine Optimized”. This will give it a better shot at appearing on the first page of Google’s search results.

This will give people the client’s page, and the content you wrote a larger possibility of getting clicked, given that people don’t normally scroll beyond the first 2 to 3 pages of search results. SEO writing is believed to be the best means of doing so.

You Will Need Clients to Work For

In order for you to actually work online, you would need to look for clients for your article writing work. With that being said, there is no other way in order for you to begin online article writing jobs than have a profile online. There are several platforms which allow clients to look for freelance writers and vice versa.

With some of the most popular ones being Upwork, which is not just a place for online writers, but for an opportunity for you to look for other jobs as well, such as transcription, tutorials, and other projects.  Other sites include and

Observe Proper Values and Ethics

There is nothing better for you and your services than positive feedback, promotions, and recommendations through word of mouth. Writing according to what the business needs, as well as learning to keep up with the demands and requirements of your clients, which includes writing in correct grammar, as well as submitting articles on time.

Also, clients would appreciate it if you demand rates which are reasonable, depending on your work experience, as well as the complexity of the topic and what researching and formatting the task at hand would entail.


When it comes to proper values and ethics, one of the great guides you can avail of from the internet is from the website, which provides practical advice on how to do SEO writing from someone who has been at it since 1993.

A lot of people swear that it is indeed a guide which is extremely effective and will make you demand rates which are high but extremely reasonable. Lastly, one of the things you have to keep in mind is that you always have to be patient, given that it would take time for you to find a client who trusts you especially if you’re still a newbie.

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