How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs – Searching in the Right Places

Freelance writing is something which is indeed, really tempting for a lot of people. This is due to the fact that people could earn up to hundreds of dollars, all while being done in the comfort of your very own home.  In order for you know how to find freelance writing jobs, you obviously have to search in the right places, and this is no other than the internet.

While there may be several sites out there which help serve as a place for clients to look for writers and vice versa, there actually are several other means in order for you to find freelance writing jobs online. Below are more of the things you have to know on how to find freelance writing jobs.

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Why Freelance Writing?

Rarely Time-Bound

One of the advantages associated with freelance writing is that it rarely is time-bound. Having said that, you’re not going to be employed and paid just so that you are able to work for as much as 8-10 hour shifts a day. Most freelance jobs require you to work for half of that time, or if not, you would be given a workload and a corresponding deadline.

This will give you the opportunity to rest and relax a little bit more, spend quality time with family and friends, as well as look for more money-making opportunities for you.

More Opportunities for Other Work

As mentioned previously, the fact that it’s rarely time-bound allows you to look for other freelance writing jobs, as well as other jobs altogether. There are several opportunities for you to do other work, and thus you are given the chance to earn more cash.

This isn’t a very daunting or overwhelming task, given that several freelance writing jobs are relatively easy, with only a few of these requiring extra research of some sort.

You Can Leave Any Time

If you feel like there are greener pastures elsewhere, then you could always leave! Unlike the actual physical workplace, where you are bound by a contract, the good thing about freelance writing jobs is that termination for a job is as quick and easy as a simple chat with your client.

This does, however, serve as a double-edged sword, given that clients could simply leave you or stop giving you work altogether. Despite that though, just as long as you’re practicing proper work ethics, and are punctual with your submissions, then you have nothing to worry about.

How to Find Freelance Article Writing Jobs


This is defined as straight-forward reaching out and contacting of people who are in need of online content, such as entrepreneurs, small businesses, as well as bloggers. It is through pitching that you convince them that they need you in order for their business to grow and prosper. Offer them help if you see them struggling with their online presence, or if you see that they do not have any online presence at all. This is otherwise known as Cold Pitching.

Another means in order for you to do pitching is through a job board ad. This is a lot less tedious to do, given that unlike the cold pitching means, everything is done online.

There are several job board ads online for you to start pitching, some of these sites include Blogging Pro, AllIndieWriters Job Board, Contena, and Problogger. Transaction rates in these cases greatly vary, with some asking you to set your rates, with others already having fixed ones.

In whatever pitching type it may be, always make sure that you include how you were able to discover their company, and that you are concrete with the type of service they can expect from you. Lastly, never forget to introduce yourself in the most charming, attention-grabbing way as possible.

Ask for Recommendations

This is one of the no-brainer means in order for you to get jobs. You never really know if someone in your household has job offerings for you if you don’t actually ask. Working within the family enables you to have a good start at writing, given that it’s your family and that there really isn’t much of pressure. Working with your family would allow you to create your first few work samples which you could add in your portfolio and use to looking for other, more stable occupations.

Through Your Own Website

Another popular means among freelance writers to find a job and get paid is through making their very own website. Having said that, you would have to use your very own WordPress site and make a writer’s website that neat, clean, and professional-looking.

This would spark interests in other writers as well, and you could start a networking strategy with them. You could also offer your own site for ads, or use your content to lure people into hiring you as a freelance writer to cater to their writing needs.

Join Facebook Groups and Web Pages

There are several Facebook Groups online which are for clients seeking writers with all of the transactions taking place there. There are also sites which are more specific, and cater to those who are looking for writers and clients, as well as for other kinds of online jobs. One of the most popular among these sites is


Wherever it is, or through whatever means it is that you are looking for a freelance job, it is always going to be important for you to consider your ethics and manners, as well as take advice from people who have been earning hundreds and thousands of dollars through it.

One of the best products for this is, where you could avail of a self-help guide which comes from the desk of freelance writer, Yuwanda Black, who is an expert in the world of freelance writing since 1993. Her tips allowed a lot of freelance writers to increase their rates by 4-fold, as well as triple, or even quadruple the number of clients they get to cater to per day.

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