How to write a blog and get paid for it: Legit ways to blogging bliss

There are many ways to earn a living through writing. One option is to get into blogging. There are thousands of blogs online that have made their writers self-sufficient earners.

You may already know quite a bit about the blogosphere or you might be new to blogs and online content writing.

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It doesn’t matter where you are on the ladder to becoming a full time blogger there are multiple opportunities available. There are jobs available for first time writers as well as bloggers that want to expand their income.

To blog or not to blog

Legit writing jobs offers you the opportunity to get paid for writing blog posts. Writing a blog differs a bit from other types of freelance writing.

When you write reviews for instance, you will be given a specific topic or product to talk about.

You might even receive a sample of the product so you can give a more accurate review. These will usually be shorter pieces with close deadlines, but not too difficult to handle if you have a clear opinion about things.

You might also edit posts, or write shorter articles, or even screen sites for inappropriate content, but most of these differ from a blog.

Blog posts and entire blogs have a bit of a different look and feel than other marketing articles. With most of the articles or reviews or even editing jobs you will have very specific instructions regarding the content required.

You can either earn money from managing an entire blog (which is a whole different ball game) or you can earn per post. You don’t need to manage the blog, you just need to contribute to a specific blog.

Legit Writing Jobs helps you here to find clients that have a need for writers who can contribute specific content to their bogs.

Luckily writing blog posts still offer the same advantages as other freelance writing jobs. You can work from anywhere you choose, your home, an office or coffee shop and you can manage your time without having to punch a time card every morning.

You can write whenever it suits you, even while traveling, or during a lunch break, or between classes if you are a student.

Writing for a blog can also be much more fun than doing more technical writing or focusing on editing. If you can write for a blog that focuses on your passions to boot, you will hardly feel that you are working to earn your money.

Legit writing jobs can help you find clients that share your interests and will appreciate your writing abilities. Blog writing is worth the effort, you get paid to write about something you know and like, and not many jobs offer that.

Different blogs

Decide if the blog that you will be writing for fits your passion, knowledge and skills. It helps if you can easily fit with the style and point of view of a specific blog.

Do a little research before you accept a job offer to write for a blog. Take a look at some of their previous content and the type of posts and articles that they publish.

When you have a clear idea about the blog and what its focus is, you will be able to decide if you will be able to deliver the type of content they need.

Once you have found jobs where you can contribute, do what any professional writer does. Deliver good content on time.

It is as simple (and as challenging) as that. Luckily there are thousands of opportunities in a wide range of fields available at so you can start this journey without too much hassle.

From blog to money in the bag

Just like other freelance work, writing for blogs requires a few basic skills like motivation, creativity and diligence. You will still need to be thorough and professional, but you will also be able to write with a focus on something you enjoy.

Not only that, with every post or article you deliver you can be sure to have money in the bag (or PayPal or Payoneer account).

Check what rates the client will offer you upfront. If you keep your end of the bargain you won’t have any trouble to quickly start earning money for writing about the things you are passionate and knowledgeable about.

Also keep things professional from your side, deliver on time, write to the best of your ability in your own voice, and know your topic. You can write for a blog if you don’t know everything about their focus area, but don’t try to pretend that you know.

Readers will see through someone who tries to sound clever, but they will appreciate real firsthand experience and knowledge. Rather do a little more research.

You don’t need to be an Ivy League professor to know that good research makes for good writing. You might even learn a little more about a topic you are already interested in and improve your writing along the way.

Final words

Writing for blogs is one of the more fun jobs available at You can write more creatively than with reviews and you can share some of your knowledge and passion while earning money for it!

You can also bring more of yourself into a post than with technical pieces or editing. Once you sign up with legit writing jobs, you can start to choose between different blogging opportunities and find your niche as a content writer.

You can even start your own blog eventually and create opportunities for writers just like you.

What are you waiting for? Put those language and writing skills to good use. Sign up with Legit Writing Jobs. You can share the knowledge you have about travelling, hobbies or specific interests and get paid for it!

The first step is to take the plunge and start practicing, writing and leaning so you can build your career as a renowned blogger.

Our Top Pick For Getting a Writing Job

Learning the best ways to get a writing job has never been easier!

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