Making a living as a writer: Building a career with your gift for words

If you enjoy writing and have a love for language you may have dreamed about making it a full time job. But simply becoming a writer is not that easy.

How can you get to a point where you can really make enough money just by writing so it can become a career?

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The internet has made things so much easier for newbie writers, freelancers and entrepreneurs. You really can work from home and earn enough money to support yourself just from writing.

One of the best things about writing and working with a site like legit writing is that you are in charge of your time, earnings and where and how you work.  Very few jobs offer the same level of freedom as freelance writing does.

Content writing

The key thing to remember here is that you will be earning money for writing articles on a large variety of topics. You will not be writing a novel and earning royalties.

You will write anything from short reviews, blog posts or articles to lists, party ideas and longer information articles. The fun part of working as a freelancer and with Legit Writing Jobs is the great variety of opportunities available to you.

The topics you write about will depend on the client and what they need from you. This is great because you get a clear set of guidelines and you just need to deliver on that.

It is actually much easier than trying to come up with the plot of the next world changing piece of literature.

On the other hand, working for specific clients also means that you will need to be able to adjust your writing style and register of language to their needs. There will be no point in writing Shakespeare for a company targeting teens.

So flexibility is a good skill to start developing as a writer. You will also be able to discover more about marketing, the way certain businesses operate and learn a few things along the way.

You will need to do a little research for the topics you write about so you fit the needs of the client. Working on research skills will also broaden your writing abilities.

That way you will also be able to cater to all the different types of jobs available through

Good writers is a great platform to launch a career as a writer. There is a real need for people who can write well, quickly and respond to deadlines.

It is a career that you can practice from almost anywhere in the world and by working you become better and better at it.

It is a field where finding knowledgeable, motivated writers can be frustrating. At legit writing jobs our clients are looking for someone who can make their lives easier and deliver good content consistently.

That is where you come in. You can earn a living by keeping our clients happy with great content. If you have a passion for what you do, this will come easily.

A good writer also has a positive attitude to improving their work. If you are focused on keeping your clients happy and learning from criticism you can easily improve your writing ability while building a reputation as a trustworthy writer.

Training and skills

Before you start stressing about your high school English scores, you can breathe easily, knowing that anyone can sign up to become a content writer. You don’t need to prove that you have specific qualification in writing, English or editing to sign up with legit writing jobs.

There is also no age restrictions to being a freelance writer. It can be a great way to flex your writing muscles as a student, or keep putting your knowledge to good use after you have retired.

The only thing that you need to start building a career as a content writer is to perform. You just need to prove to clients that you are motivated, can handle critique and write well under pressure.

Sometimes clients can have tight deadlines and you will need to step up and complete it quickly. If you can prove that you can write well to our clients, you will quickly build a reputation as a trusted writer.

No qualification is as valuable as a good reputation with clients.  Some clients will require writing samples, so you can start writing a few different pieces even before you have a client lined up.

You can improve your writing and language skills by using some of the guides and helpful hints legit writing jobs also offers. The more you polish your skills the sooner your clients will recognize your abilities.

Just keep on practicing your craft!

Earning money

The freedom of being a freelance content writer has implications for the way you earn your income. The thing to remember when you start out building your career is that your income will probably fluctuate.

You might get paid top dollar one month and the next there might be fewer clients. The inherent flexibility of this type of career also means that your income will be flexible. Your income will also solely depend on you. This is a great motivator for success.

The more and better you write the better you will earn. You determine your salary and how hard you want to work for a certain income.

Last words

A career in writing can be fulfilling, challenging and exciting. To become a content writer can offer you the opportunity to use your language skills creatively, earn a great income, and have much more flexibility than any other office based job.

You just need to be self motivated, good at managing your own time and money and practice a little forward thinking and you will be set to get started as a writer.

Making a living from something as enjoyable as writing is an awesome opportunity. Legit writing jobs is here to help you along the way. In no time you will be earning your own way, just by putting a few great sentences together.

Our Top Pick For Getting a Writing Job

Learning the best ways to get a writing job has never been easier!

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