The Three Reasons People Write Articles Online

People are motivated. Whether it seems like it or not, everyone has a goal in mind. Everyone has their own personal Mount Everest, as it were.

Someone’s lazy brother’s ultimate goal may be to see how long he can live in his parents’ basement, but it’s a goal nonetheless. Goals are the culmination of a person’s interests, experiences, and motivations, and as such, each person’s goals are entirely unique.

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To sum it all up, everyone does things for a different reason, and the same is true for freelance writers. While everyone’s endgame varies slightly, we thought we could separate freelance writers into three, overarching, vague categories. Read on and find out which category you feel like you’re a part of.

The Side Job

Freelancing’s beauty comes in the form of its lack of structure. You can do it whenever, wherever, and however you want. On the toilet in your pajamas? Sure. In a Chipotle where you can still connect to the Wi-Fi that belongs to the Starbucks next door? Why not?

In the back of a shipping container while you stow away on a ship that’s carrying illegally imported vehicles back to their country of origin while eating a tangerine? That one’s a bit far-fetched, but you could do it if you wanted to.

All of that freedom means that even people with a full-time job can still do it. Once they’ve come home from a shift, if they feel like they want to earn some extra cash to be able to afford that sweet pair of Heelys they’ve been looking at for months, they can hop on “Writing Jobs Online” and start connecting with some clients.

Boom they write articles online, and then they Heely away into the sunset. (Are Heelys still cool?)

The Full-Timer

This person is very dedicated. They write articles online in their sleep, their fingers typing away at an imaginary keyboard. They’ve built up all of the connections, they’ve set up their own website, and they have a formidable portfolio. They’re the freelancer that keeps snagging all of the great gigs away from The Side Job.

Everyone wants to hire them because their reputation precedes them. They only provide top-notch products, their turnaround time is minimal, they communicate within a couple of hours at the most, and they have more clients on standby than they have fingers to type with.

It truly is an uphill battle to get to this point, but once you do, man is it rewarding. You have no boss, no schedule, and no uniform. We’re pretty sure half of The Full-Timers spend 99% of their time in their homes, because they never need to leave except to get groceries and spend time with their families over the holidays.

“Writing Jobs Online” is at the top of their “Frequently Visited Websites” list whenever they open their web browser, and there are constantly two to ten pieces in progress open on their desktop.

They’re fully dedicated to working as a freelancer exclusively, and who can blame them? They’re doing well for themselves, and they absolutely love what they’re doing to boot. Some may say it’s the perfect job.

The Experience Hoarder (or, The Ladder Climber)

These freelancers are in it for the long haul. They don’t have plans to be freelancers forever, and they’re not entirely worried about how much money they make per five hundred words, either. They’re in it just for the experience and the networking.

They see freelancing as a way to connect with people, build their network, and then hopefully get a call from one of their clients offering them a job as a screenplay writer, or a magazine editor, or any number of things.

Even if they don’t get a job offer very quickly, they’re still building up their experience, and they know about a ton of different kinds of industries from working with so many clients. They’ve written about everything from baby bottles to hand grenades, and they make sure that their résumé reflects that. For them, it’s all about what the work they do now will get them in the future.

Regardless of whichever category you fall into as a freelancer, you can’t deny that there are some wicked cool benefits of being a part of this industry. The rewarding feeling you get from satisfying a client, the paycheck you get for using a highly sought-after skill, and being able to work however you want is hard to replace.

Whether you’re here temporarily, or if you plan on making a lifelong career out of it, enjoy your stay. We know we will.

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