What Are The Best Paying Writing Jobs Today?

The reason as to why online article writing has become such a popular way to make a living for people nowadays is simply because they are paying decent rates, while those engaged in this job are far from being overworked and/or overloaded. Moreover, clients are always in need of content in order for their online presence to be felt and established, and thus boosting the reputation of their brand in the process.

This particular boosting allows them to generate more sales and thereby allowing them to earn much more than what they did without anyone being able to manage their online content, and thus what the best paying writing jobs are nowadays became a hot issue.

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Factors for Determining Pay

There are several factors which influences as to how much a freelance or a hired writer actually gets. It’s really quite difficult to come up with a more definite price range, given that the rates for a similar job may vary up to ten fold based on certain factors, which would be discussed individually below.

Length and Type of Written Material 

These are two of the greatest factors that determine as to how much you are going to be paid. It is really ideal that clients would be paying you a greater amount for jobs which require your articles to have a larger word count, rather than those with fewer ones.

The type of written material greatly influences how you are going to be paid as well, given that writing certain materials would entail more effort in terms of research, while some don’t. The higher-paying jobs include those who are writing science research papers.

Number of Hours You’re Working

Freelance article writers could be hired either full-time or part-time. Full time jobs don’t really guarantee a larger pay, given that having several part-time ones rather than a single full-time one would give you more opportunities to make more money, while making things a lot more convenient for you.

Also, some jobs pay on a per-task basis, while some pay on an hourly basis, and the nature of which you are hired greatly determines how much you would be getting from the job.

Financial Capacity of Client

The reality about article writing is that you’re not writing for yourself, but rather, for a specific client and group of people. Having said that, the financial capacity of the client greatly influences how much you are going to get paid for every work. If you are on the lookout for a greater pay for a certain job, then it’s best for you to make it a point to look for a client who seems more stable.

However, as a freelance writer, especially if you’re still a beginner, make it a point to not be choosy, given that it is through these lower-paying clients where you could establish your reputation and give you an edge and apply for the larger ones.

Popularity of Site or Workplace You’re Working With

If you’re on the lookout for a high-paying writing job, make it a point to choose one which is popular in a sense that several people flock to it to see their content. This is measured through traffic and will result to advertisers be willing to pay more for their product placements to be seen by a lot more people.

More popular sites would most definitely pay you more for, let’s say, a 1000-word article than would other sites with far less traffic. This is also true for the non-online setup, where authors who have had best-selling books would be paid more than those who have yet to have a hit.

Top-Paying Writing Jobs Nowadays

Journalist for Science

It is believed that the best-paying writing jobs in the market nowadays are those who work in the research industry as science journalists. This is because it is estimated that they have annual earnings of $36,000. This is achieved through writing for highly scientific bodies, like National Geographic and Earth Magazine, and other medium for articles published in the scientific realm.

Technical Writer

Being a technical writer is difficult because your words have to conform to the realm of technical terminology that is only obtained through immersion and thorough research, as well as finishing a degree which makes use of these specific terms. It makes itself different from creative writing from having significantly less freedom to play around with words. They are able to earn larger than journalists, with an average annual income of $63,280.

Communications Manager for Marketing

On average, these marketers earn an estimated $112,000 on an annual basis. Marketing communications may not sound like it’s something for writing, but the reality is, you would end up having to. In the world of marketing and the business industry, communication is indeed. One which is integral, given that one of the gauges of a successful marketing venture would have to be effective communication between the parties involved.


Another of the best-paying writing jobs include being a novelist. Yes, making it big as a novelist indeed, entails having larger fees. As a matter of fact, one of the most successful novelists, James Patterson, managed to rake in $84 million in 2010 due to the success of the novel he released. On average, however, authors earn an estimated $55,000 on an annual basis which is still a great rate nevertheless.


When it comes to choosing jobs, the pay would always be one of the major points of consideration that anyone would have to make. Just don’t be choosy when it comes to the jobs you are to take, as this would help expand your horizon, and all these jobs would enable you to grow and improve in the process.

We hope that the jobs we mentioned above, as well as the means through which your income is determined would help in order for you to make the all-important decision as to where you would really want to get yourself hired in.

Our Top Pick For Getting a Writing Job

Learning the best ways to get a writing job has never been easier!

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