Where are article writers needed? Everything you have to consider

One of the most common jobs that people tend to look for online are article writers. This is because several firms call for article writers needed in order for them to come up with fresh content. In the process, this fresh content is basically what keeps their page up and running, and considered alive.

While there are several kinds of content you can put on a webpage, the following are the reasons why article writers are needed, and beyond that, more widely preferred in comparison with other kinds of content you can find online.

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Articles are quick to make

The reason as to why article writers are needed more in sites compared to contributors of other content is simply because these articles are relatively quicker to make. This is because all that you need in order to get articles done is a word processing program, on the technical aspect.

Beyond that, you would only be needing your imagination and writing skills. What matters is that you still carry the necessary messages across, and that you are able to observe SEO writing.

Article Writing is Not an Expensive Job

Other kinds of content that clients may want for their website includes videos and audio files, with the former being more common. It is common knowledge that videos requires so much technical expertise, and is not something that a lot of people really have.

It also entails the use of sophisticated equipment, such as an HD-quality camera, intricate lighting system, and of course, advanced video software on top of all the concepts and brainstorming. This effort would cause people to exact larger fees to clients than article writers would. The lesser complexity of work would entail lesser needed fees.

Article Writing is Relatively Easy to Learn

As previously mentioned, article writing online goes beyond just knowing the basics there are to writing. The article writers needed by a lot of clients have to know how to employ SEO writing, in other words, their writing material has to be Search Engine Optimized.

While some people would make use of illegal, or “white hat” methods that mess with Google’s algorithm, SEO writing involves making use of a specific keyword repeatedly throughout the article, with a specific keyword density to be observed.

Why is SEO Writing Important?

When it comes to content and article writing, the writers needed for this job hasto know what SEO should be done. Given that we already know what it is, we’ll explain to you as to why this is of utmost importance.

The reason for this is that search engine optimized content would most definitely appear on the first 1 or 2 pages of the Google search results, which is what you want, given that the further your article would appear, the lesser of a chance there is for the article to be seen by people.

Ultimately, clients who earn via ads need heavy traffic for them to be able to exact higher rates from advertisers, which is exactly what letting the content appear on the first page does.

Where are article writers needed the most?

Product Review Pages

The first kind of pages where article writers are needed the most are product review pages. These are pages which allow users to be given a chance to have a proper, objective view on certain products.

Obtaining information merely from content which manufacturers release would be filled with bias as it tends to highlight or showcase nothing but positive information. These product review pages aim to get rid of the bias, giving users both the advantages and disadvantages that involves with the use of a certain product.

The article writers needed for this kind of job are those who are keen researchers, finding their way through the comments section of various sites, collating and verifying one opinion from another.

Medical and Other Informational Pages

Another popular form of page which clients would want content to fill with are informational pages. Having said that, being a content writer for these informational pages do not really have to be professionals, rather, simply people who are into researching, especially for the technical details.

This a lot more formal in nature, given that the target audience involves a more specific group of people. You also have to always verify and double check information for this matter, since these pages could be used as official sources for people.

News Pages

While informational pages and news pages are synonymous, the kind of article writers needed for this job may find themselves doing nothing but “spinning” the latest news articles they could find on the internet.

These pages don’t normally aim to compete with the bigger news sites, but rather are geared towards more specific topics, with the most common of these sites being that for technological advancements and innovations.

The act of spinning involves taking a news article from a reputed site, sorting out each sentence from each other, then re-writing each one as if it really is an original article.

Afterwards, people subject their articles to plagiarism checker, keeping the amount as low as 5% in terms of similarity with the copied article.


Given the reasons why article writing is more popular, and that article writers needed are more than contributors for other content, they could basically be needed wherever written content is called for. One of the things you have to keep in mind as an article writer is that ethics and a proper attitude towards work will matter, and the observance of such would guarantee you work in the long run.

A great material which gives you important tips and advices in the freelance article writing industry could be accessed on this link: http://work-from-home-writing-jobs.com, with all the advice coming from someone who’s been at it for more than 2 decades already.

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