Write reviews for money: make your opinion count

How many times have you read reviews online, and thought you could give better advice? Or how many times have you searched for a good review about something you wanted to buy and just couldn’t find anything?

A good review covers all the elements of what a product or service offers. Just reading that something was good or bad does not really help anyone make an informed decision. A full review with a good objective tone that covers all the different aspects of the product is so much more useful.

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That is where you can come in. You can earn money and help customers decide if something is worth their while, just by writing reviews.

Legit Writing Jobs gives you the chance to write a variety of different articles, blog posts and so on, but also specifically reviews. If you can give an honest opinion about a product and have a talent for writing to boot, there are various companies that will happily pay you to write.

Legit writing jobs can hook you up with clients that require reviews for a whole range of different products and services. If you are ready to go we can also give you a few extra tips and tricks to help you get started.

Honesty is the best policy

Before you sign up and write loads of reviews keep in mind that your opinion really will make a difference. It will matter to the people who are interested in buying a particular product or service, but it will also matter to the company that makes the product or provides the service.

The company that employs you to write the review will also be looking for specific elements depending on what their need in terms of reviews are.

It doesn’t mean that every review you write should be glowing and only focus on what is great about the product you are reviewing. An honest opinion that objectively covers all the aspects of a product will have the most value for the company and its customers.

The company will know where they can improve and people like you won’t spend need to spend their hard earned cash on something that doesn’t meet their needs.

The best practice for a reviewer is to give your honest opinion about something that you have personally used or experienced. That way you will be able to accurately write an honest review and quickly build a reputation as a trusted writer.

Each assignment will have different deadlines and timeframes so you will be able to schedule your own time around the types of things you can review.

Some tips for writing reviews

It’s all about making decisions when it comes to writing (and reading) reviews. When you start out with your review, you will need to decide what your focus will be. What aspects of the product or service will you zoom in on?

Second you will need to decide what aspects will make it to the pro list, and what aspects will make you start listing cons.

Think carefully about how certain things could be either good or bad should be listed so people can have the best information.

Think about the type of language you want to use. Like we said, the clients at Legit Writing jobs don’t want high academic language or complicated prose.

They want to hear from honest normal people. So think about how you can best bring your ideas across. How can you write clearly but still add a little creativity to make yourself stand out? Of course you should still be honest, but you can add a little flair and some of your own insights.

The next thing when to keep in mind is to structure your review so it reads easily. Keep it simple, start with a normal introduction, then list some of the pros and cons of whatever you may be reviewing, and then give your balanced verdict.

Legit Writing jobs also offer a few extras like training guide books so you can sharpen your skills even more. You will be able to work on your reviewing skills and earn money while becoming a better and better writer.

Getting paid

Internet marketing is a huge business and companies can reach millions of potentials customers and clients across the globe. But people have also become much savvier when it comes to reading ads.

They will quickly see straight through old direct marketing that only tells you how great something is.  People will trust a real opinion rather than a company’s direct add.

This means that your honest opinion is worth paying for when it comes to really expanding and building a company’s reputation.

Legit writing jobs gives you the opportunity to write reviews and get paid for it.  You won’t have to worry about having a lot of experience.

You can start out without a qualification on legit writing jobs and you will quickly be able to see if your writing skills are suited to the jobs available. You don’t need to write like a professor.

When you write reviews, people want to read the opinions of people like them so they can make their decisions knowing someone like them looked at the same product.

Legit Writing jobs will help you become self-sufficient and ensure that you get paid through trusted sites like PayPal. You can manage your time and decide how much time you have available to be opinionated about products and services.

You could even get paid for going to a new coffee shop or health club and letting people know about the experience.  Once you become a trusted reviewer you can easily shift from earning pocket money, to making this your full time job.

Writing reviews is a great way of getting into writing content online. You don’t need to be much of an expert in any specific field. At Legit Writing Jobs you can open the door to becoming a full time reviewer.

Our Top Pick For Getting a Writing Job

Learning the best ways to get a writing job has never been easier!

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