Writers Needed: The Booming Industry Hidden in Coffee Shops

There’s an industry hidden from the eye of the public. They don’t go to offices, they don’t partake in the daily headache of rush hour, and they don’t have a boss they answer to.

They’re hidden in plain sight, and it can be pretty surprising to see how many there are. The industry we’re referring to is that of freelance writers.

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With no set schedule, other than the deadlines set by their clients, and no boss to answer to, they sit in their pajamas in their apartments, hunched over a keyboard, tap-tap-tapping away at an article while a funny cat video plays in the background. There’s coffee in their kitchen, there’s snacks on their desk, and there’s a warm dog next to their lap. They’re hard at work, and they’re making money.

Every now and then, the urge to leave the confines of their living space takes over, and they’ll travel to a coffee shop (much like the one the writer of this article is at now), a café, or a park (so long as there’s Wi-Fi). They travel to these places to experience the beautiful weather, eat delicious food, and occasionally start conversations with other customers. Yet, despite all of these luxuries, they’re still working, and they’re still supporting themselves.

If it sounds like a dream come true, it is. Jobs truly don’t get better than that. However, it takes a special kind of person to commit to this kind of lifestyle.

Focus, motivation, and a good work ethic are just a few of the traits a successful freelance writer must have. It truly is hard work. But you can make it a little easier on yourself by thinking smarter, not harder.

Many freelancers, particularly beginners, have a hard time obtaining regular clients, if they can find any clients at all. Networking is not easy, largely in part, due to how difficult it can be to know where to start.

Experienced or savvy freelancers will often use websites, such as “Writing Jobs Online”, in order to connect with companies. It makes it much easier for freelancers to find that job listing they’ve been dreaming about: “Writers Needed!”

The opinion of some is that freelance writers will disappear in a short while—as though it were some sort of fad profession. They predict that companies will begin to bring on in-house content creators, eliminating the need to outsource that work to a slipper-wearing freelancer.

We disagree. It will always, in the end, be up to the freelancers to decide if they want to hang up the be-your-own-boss hat in favor of a desk job, and all we can think of is this: Freelancers chose the freelancing life for a reason—freedom.

That’s not even taking into account the staggering number of jobs available to freelance writers on websites like “Writing Jobs Online”. If the workload is anything to go by, freelance writers stand a good chance of becoming a permanent industry, because there is more than enough to go around.

It’s not just writing, either—freelancers of all kinds are experiencing more opportunities to work than ever before. Photographers, coders, graphic designers, website designers, videographers, and more are abundant due to the demand for individuals with those skills.

More and more companies are learning that it’s cheaper (like, a lot cheaper) to hire a freelancer on an as-needed basis instead of keeping one on staff, even if the freelancer charges double or more what an in-house employee would make hourly.

Companies save money because they don’t have to offer benefits, insurance, vacation time, paid leave, sick days, company equipment, or facilities (and much more) to remote-workers, and freelancers get to charge what they think is fair. It truly is a win-win situation, which only serves to make us wonder even more why someone thinks that the freelancing industry is a temporary one.

In today’s modern, always-connected marketplace, freelancers make more sense than they ever have in the past. If you, the reader, have been considering making the leap and joining the fray, we strongly encourage you to do so—after all, there’s nothing like some friendly competition.

However, it’s important to keep the idea of competition in mind. Unless you’re absolutely certain that your skills are competitive, and you’ll be able to effectively use them to support yourself, maybe consider taking courses or watching tutorials (like those offered on Writing Jobs Online) in order to hone your skills and become a heavy-hitter. Once you’re comfortable with it, come join us—the water is just fine.

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