Writing Proposal Template: How to write a proposal for a freelance writing job

Constructing a proposal to land a good freelance writing job is as simple as going through the internet and finding a suitable and easy template to guide them. Sometimes you can just settle for whatever works.

For people with writing experience, using a template is very convenient because it is easy to modify and change things while using a standard format or a form that gives you an idea of the content and reminds you what to include.

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Basically, a template gives you an idea and provides you a typical format and you just have to make it your own and to suit the client as well. In addition to that, here are some advantages in using a template on how to write a proposal for a freelance writing job:

Saves you time – A template already provides you a rough draft of the proposal you plan to write. Since you are already equipped with the format, tips on the content and sequence of points, then you can easily just fill it up just like you would fill up a form.

This will prevent you from consuming more hours on thinking of how to customize your proposal for the freelance writing job you aim for. It is also important to have a background of the client you want to get involved in.

Personal Template – After formulating your original template, you can easily satisfy more clients and even update the original to suit different projects. If it works, then it is likely to succeed with every customer which will definitely bring success to your freelance writing career as well.

Edit/Updating – Whenever you need a proposal, you can just open the template that you created for yourself and edit it. You don’t need to search for a new template online and fill it up again with new stuff. Having your own template on hand means you can update it regularly or edit it depending on the kind of writing job you will handle as a freelance writer.

If you will customize a proposal, it will take up less of your time, which you can spend on other important things. Besides, handing out a proposal early gives you a better chance of landing the job.

Flexible Proposal – Having your own personal template and editing or updating it gives a good potential for you to land a freelance writing job.

Change – different companies or clients look for different skills or requirements from an applicant or freelance writer, so getting your proposal ready and editable allows you to get used to some points that should remain and exclude requirements that are not in the project description of the client. This saves you a lot of time, giving a more precise proposal rather than showing everything in there at once that will end up presenting a messy proposal.

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If you get bad customer feedback, it will give a mark on your reputation and may end your writing career. It is always good to be prepared, present and produce great outputs.

When crafting a good proposal, one option can be gathering several online freelance writing proposal templates, maybe at least five, and find a way to merge or edit them to create something good for you to personally use in several writing applications. Some other tips to create a good freelance writing proposal are:

Give a concise proposal – this is where editing or updating your proposals regularly is very important. The key is to know what the client is looking for and to only include points that you want them to know about you, your skills and capabilities.

A concise proposal saves customer time, and allows them to get to know you in a nutshell, where they can be able to make quick decisions. Long proposals may bore clients and you are less likely to get the job.

Present yourself – do not just jot down every single skill you have or list down what you can as a writer – rather present your work. Give short examples prior to the main proposal itself. This way the client can know your style, how you present your points and how you can capture a reader.

Capturing the reader – The first reader you want to capture is the client. With a great proposal, you can surely win the customer’s attention. Give a good impression on the first paragraph, as mentioned you may present samples of your work or you can present a great two or three statements in the beginning. Show the client that you are interested and that you are dedicated to your work.

These are just a few tips to learn how to write a good proposal for a freelance writing job. If you want to know more or get a writing job in three easy ways, go to writing-jobs.net and get paid to write in the comfort of your own home.

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